Trying to cool down the hallway

Summer finally arrived in Bellingham. Yay! Now it’s too hot. And the hallway in our apartment is approximately 20 degrees warmer than outside or in our unit. The hallway is probably so damn hot because almost zero air moves through it during the course of a day. The 2 stairwell doors are always closed and the elevator doesn’t let in much air when it opens. At the end of the hallway is a window that lets in sunlight and the door to the “community deck.”

I had an idea this morning to prop the deck door open to let air in during the day. I figured it shouldn’t bother anyone and the door doesn’t lock so it’s not a security issue. I propped it open this morning with an empty plastic bottle and when I left for work 30 mins later it was gone. Dun dun dun…

I never see anyone in my hallway, or on the deck. I found it very weird that someone took the bottle out ruining my cooling experiment. I tried again with an empty milk jug this evening at about 9pm and it was gone again at 10:30. WTF. I think I will keep trying until our recycling bin is empty. I really wanna know who is closing the door (and indirectly taking out my recycling). It’s impossible to not notice the obsene heat in the hallway, so wouldn’t most people think it’s a great idea to prop the door open?

More as this story develops.

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