Trying a Standup Desk

I spend most of my working time (and far too much of my personal time) working on a computer. This has traditionally meant sitting in a chair. All day. I’ve spent years thinking that someday I’ll get around to trying a standup desk. It’s the magic solution to all my physical fitness needs!

This summer I spent 6 weeks living at Children’s Hospital in Seattle. After a few weeks I needed to start working again. I mostly occupied small rooms, anywhere I could find a clear table surface. Once I was kicked out of a video conference room legally reserved for deaf users. One night we didn’t have a roommate in the hospital room and I took over use of the over-bed table from the other side of the room:


This was perfect! It’s height adjustable, and just small enough to fit a laptop, coffee and 1 piece of paper. Sadly I was only able to use the table/desk for one evening before a new patient arrived. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head when we arrived back home, so I found a similar desk on amazon for only $50. Today (Labor Day ironically) is my first day using it at my office. If I stick with this, I’ll try to document how it goes!

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