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Killer Ape Video

I made this video my junior year of high school. My english teacher gave extra credit if we made a short movie. Still not sure why. I filmed and edited this the afternoon and evening before the deadline. Editing with 2 ghetto VCRs was fun. One of the VCRs had a 2-3 second delay when you hit the record button. I vividly remember staying up late counting out over and over “one one thousand, two one thousand, three one NOW”. You can tell where the editing gets messed up at the very end.

Killer Ape on youtube

In and out all day

Like any mature individual my age, I find ‘that’s what she said’ references to be the funniest joke possible.

I recently helped my friend Devlin setup a new blog. I’m trying to get all my friends into blogging or having their own site. I feel it’s good to get the conversion out of the closed world of facebook/myspace.

She picked a rad domain name for her blog: http://waityouremrodonnellsdaughter.com/. Devlin told me a story a few weeks ago involving someone defacing creating a work of art on her whiteboard. ‘Not amused’ is what she said in response. Devlin just wrote a followup after she caught the culprit in another act of defacement.

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