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Trip to Copenhagen

Jenn and I took a 10 day trip to Copenhagen, for no reason other than cheap airfare and the idea of vacation.


Carlsburg Brewery
Beer Creation.

Jenn at our favorite brewery
Beer Consumption.

Man on the street
Annoying Tourists.

Helsingor Castle

Helsingor Castle - Dungeons
Dungeons under castles.

Absalon Hotel in the snow
Snowy streets.

Man on scooter
Fearless senior citizens.

Denmark apparently collects and ships the snow somewhere
Interesting snow removal techniques.

Duckies! Giant Windows Vista Ad!
Duckies! Giant Windows Vista Ads!

Contemplating his next Rock-Paper-Scissors move
Statues honoring Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Self-Explanatory Picture
See the full set on flickr


In other news, I woke up at 7:20am Sunday and bought a Wii!

I was not aware that Best Buy opened at 10. I thought getting there 30 minutes early would land mii a Wii. I guess 2.5 hours made it a pretty sure bet. The Bellingham store had 30 saved up for that morning, but had zero extra controllers. My living room will need some rearranging when wii get the multi-player on.

More on this story as the fun develops.