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Favorite Videos of 2010

First up are 2 local Bellingham videos. The City of Bellingham created this video as a promo for their bid in the Google Fiber for Communities project:

Local comedian / DJ Nathan Cox recreated the Brooklyn State of Mind video with Bellingham State of Mind:

I loved this Verizon ad, recreating a Big Red Gum commercial from the 80’s:

Here is the original from the 80’s:

And of course, the best video of the year was the Old Spice Super Bowl ad:

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My favorite videos of 2008

You can vote however you like. These kids are awesome. Wish I could find the lyrics to the verses here.

For all my love of the Rick Astley, I really enjoyed watching Obama sing the song.

Loved the whole Nailed it! series on funny or die. Mostly lasted during the writers strike. So lame, but kinda funny.

Guess I can’t leave out Yes We Can. I think it was very helpful in getting people excited about Obama early on in the presidential race.

And finally, from election night 2008. Marching around downtown Bellingham was a blast. I really wish there was a video of this night. Here’s my brother walking around in his American flag boxers:


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Killer Ape Video

I made this video my junior year of high school. My english teacher gave extra credit if we made a short movie. Still not sure why. I filmed and edited this the afternoon and evening before the deadline. Editing with 2 ghetto VCRs was fun. One of the VCRs had a 2-3 second delay when you hit the record button. I vividly remember staying up late counting out over and over “one one thousand, two one thousand, three one NOW”. You can tell where the editing gets messed up at the very end.

Killer Ape on youtube